Umami Kushi which translates to savory skewer from japanese to english is a yakitori/kushi yaki catering company based in Seattle Washington. I started Umami Kushi after my experience in Tokyo, Japan where I was introduced to the exciting world of  yatai(street food stall) at  the festivals and night life in which they are apart of. Shortly there after I was fortunate to work and train at a yakitori-ya(restaurant) in Ginza not far from the worlds busiest sea food market tsukiji traveling each day from Yokohama. After moving to Seattle I decided to bring this experience to life by creating a catering company specific to yakitori and all things kushi yaki based on tradition japanese techniques and food preparations in which I was taught. At Umami Kushi it is my goal to offer  those that have been fortunate to experience this popular street food in Japan the chance to do the same here in Seattle with friends and family. Umami Kushi is a yakitori caterer not a sushi-ya, soba-ya, oden-ya, or izaka-ya it is a yatai focusing on the art and technique of traditional yakitori using products and seasonings made by our company located in Seattle, Washington. I look foward to sharing in my post, tastings, events, parties and where abouts for Umami Kushi as we progress.



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