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What’s in the fire at Liberty Bar

What's in the fire at Liberty Bar

On cold days like these tell me what’s better than hoovering over a yakitori grill having a couple of chicken skewers and some whiskey? Saturday Dec 7th from 8pm one of the cities best and definetly most unique street food carts Umami Kushi will be in front of Liberty Bar on capitol hill serving Yakitori. So as you make your way to your shopping destination or make Liberty Bar you destination please pick up some yakitori to enjoy. Ja-Mata

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Curry Pan

Curry Pan

Curry pan is a savory japanese pastry with a beef curry filling usually eating as an on the go snack. In japan this snack can be found in bakeries and convenience stores all over the island. Though morning time is the best way to enjoy the freshness of the bread as well as your best chance to get your hands on them, they are equally as good in the afternoon if available. Here in Seattle I have decided to make this tasty treat not only for myself, but offer it at my yakitori events which are great for the passers who want something filling and easy to get down on their foot travels to there destinations.

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The chicken and the egg!


Tsukune one of the traditional yakitori items is a combination of chicken breast, thigh meat, and soft bone tissue all ground and mixed together. Known as a favorite among yakitori lovers all over the world, it is often served with an egg yolk that gives it a rich and creamyness which compliments the texture of both the soft bone tissue and the firm breast meat. Tsukune embodies a yakitori-ya’s resourcefullness and the chefs ability to utilize all parts of the bird with with love. Umami Kushi will be serving this tasty item at Sake Nomi on Saturday October 26th from 8 pm til midnight. So come by have a beer or sake and enjoy some delicious yakitori.

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The heart of Tokyo

The heart of Tokyo

Having return from enjoying my short time in Japan, It is now time to get into the summer in Seattle, and that can only mean yakitori. So I’m excited to partner up with Peyrassol café in south port at Gene Colon beach park to bring Umami Kushi and it’s yakitori cooking to the Renton area. Being able to offer Yakitori in south Seattle will give people a great opportunity to experience traditional Japanese grilling a great setting. This event will start on Monday July 22nd and run every Monday from 5-9pm for four weeks. so if your in the neighborhood please stop by and yakitori it up.

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Tis The Season, also a good reason for Umami Kushi

Tis The Season, also a good reason for Umami Kushi

The Christmas season is here and though it holds different meanings and feeling to us all, our common ground comes in the form of food and the spirits that surround it. I’m always reminded of what place yakitori has in my life and the survival of those who mastered it. For me it is the food of the people for those who were in the toughest of times having little on their voyage eat, but only the resources that nature could provide and the knowledge of how to survive from them. Hunting with the weapons carved from trees and utilizing those same weapons to create a fire served as both a source of cooking as well as providing a shelter of warmth, but it is the reservation of the cooked wood that ash gave way to coals which were discovered could extend the life of the fire and generate and greater source of heat also build the foudation of flavor. These Practices still continue today though they have been refined to some extent Yakitori has re-devoloped itself into a global food which still speaks to the people, their hearts, their health, and their souls. On Dec 7th from 7-9pm make your RSVP for “Yakitori the food of the people” at Sake Nomi 76 washington st in the square for the anual holiday party with Umami Kushi.

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Shio koji buta is pork that is cured in koji a cultured enzyme that is used in sake production as a starter. I have used this enzyme to cure natural pork loin which will be served as a kushi yaki on Tuesday August 28th at Sake Nomi, also their will be all the other yakitori items that have become popular such as momo, shishito peppers, sesame cabbage and the wildly popular yukari onigiri. This event runs from 6-9pm, however Sake Nomi will be open at 2pm for those who want to start early on their favorite sake. 

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Yakitori hatsu anyone? 焼き鳥はつ

焼き鳥はつ yes that is correct hearts of the locally fresh bird. Hatsu is how the Japanese describribe chicken hearts in a yakitori-ya the Japanese restaurants that specializes in grilled parts of the chicken over natural hardwood called binchotan. Your choice of whether their basted in tare the customized soy based house sauce that each yakitori-ya perfects after years of slow cooking or shio the pure Okinawan sea salt that’s finely sprinkle overed them as they are grilled so lightly. If this is what you wish then Sake Nomi july 24th from 7-9pm Umami Kushi will be teaming up Sake Nomi for the king of social gastronmy.

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Liberty Bar and Umami Kushi Yakitori event

Tomorrow from 6-8pm Umami Kushi will be at the Liberty Bar in Capitol Hill this will be a special evening with some new and different Yakitori and  Kushi here is a sneak at the menu Liberty 3-27 Please tell a friend

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2011年3月11日の東北震災、津波をわすれません。 ”We have not forgotten”








3月11日(日)、SAKE NOMI   (31 S. WASHINGTON ST. )にて4-6PMにチャリティイベントを行


私たち、UMAMI  KUSHIと SAKE NOMIは食事や酒を通して、友人と集まることによって




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March 11, 2012 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Anniversary “we have not forgotten”

There comes a time when we all must be reminded of what makes us one! This sunday March 11  is the anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami. As we approach our weekend plans, lets plan to pay respects to those we have lost, those who have lost their love ones, those who have survived, those who gave thier lives for their country, and those who refused to let their spirits fade. For me I have made it my passion to bring a japanese street food (yakitori) to life in Seattle, but also as a victim of hurricane katrina I carry the passion of survival and the respect of those who where part of a country changing natural disaster. This is why on Sunday March 11 from 4-6pm at Sake Nomi, 76 south washington st. Seattle Wa, Umami Kushi and Sake Nomi will pay our respect the only way we can through a food, sake and friends gathering to donate our time and to financially continue to contribute to the rebuilding of Japan. This is an open event for anyone who wants to join us and share their time if you are unable to attend please say a prayer…

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