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New Look


We have updated our look in an effort to make our seasonal releases more identifiable. This new label will signify our signature green yuzu koshio that will be available year round in Seattle area stores. However we should have our online ordering system available soon, so we can ship anywhere in world.

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Yuzu Koshio@ MOHAI

Yuzu Koshio@ MOHAI

Please go by Mohai and take in the great culinary history of the city and pick up a jar of yuzu koshio. Btw, they have the last of the red (aka) koshio until our next release in August/September.

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Yuzu Koshio at a Seattle Museum?

Yes indeed, MOHAI will carry both Umami Kushi green and red Yuzu Koshio as part of their merchandising to support the new exhibit Edible City. This exhibit runs Nov 19, 2016 – Sep 10, 2017, the store will feature a variety of local food products and food-related items through the run of the show. We are excited to be a part of this event and thrilled to be a part of the Seattle food scene. Please stop by the exhibit or visit and take in some of Seattle’s food culture…and don’t forget to pick up a jar of our yuzu koshio while there. 

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Now Available in Capitol Hill Beef Curry Pan and Brioche Pan.

Roy street, Tougo, and good citizen have just join the list of neighborhood coffee shops to sell our curry pan. Find them on Saturday’s every week.

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Red Yuzu Koshio

img_2525Umami Kushi new Red (aka) yuzu koshio now available at select stores in Seattle. We only produced 60 each of this version that is made from both organic red shishito peppers and hinkelhatz peppers from Washington state. Pick up a jar while they last.


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Yuzu kosho…everything you need in one bite!

No available at Marx foods in lower Queen Anne Hill Seattle.

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Yuzu Koshio 


After months of working and developing the label and packaging for the product I’m pleased to announce Umami Kushi will produce its yuzu koshio for retail purchase at Marx specialty foods starting in June. Thanks to the many request and urges to make this happen. Please stop by Marx or place your order online to support this fresh locally made product.  

Sincerely Umami Kushi

It’s in the fire!

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Yuzu Kosho

This wonderful japanese condiment is great on all foods and perfect balance of saltiness and heat with a citrus finish that refreshes your palette and brings out flavors in all shorts of dishes. I have spent the last two years perfecting a recipe that resembles those made in Japan and now I’m  please to say my Yuzu Kosho beat out three brands from Japan in a blind tasting. This batch pictured here will be one of three that will be bottled and sold at Marx Foods, so if you enjoy spicy and savory foods or love hard to find condiments then stay tuned for the release and demo dates. Ja-Mata 

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The Yakitori Grill!

IMG_0199 (1)

Just received my new yakitori box that was designed by my good friend at Alida restaurant design. Utilizing concepts for portable grilling and giving him proper measurements he and his team in LA and Singapore come up with this NSF approved stainless steel portable box that is ready for any catered event as well as any challenges that might arise with them, like stairs, narrow passageways, or small spaces. I’m super excited to fire up the coals and throw some sticks down and see how it performs, but first a couple other adjustments need to be made. See most yakitori boxes are lined with cement to insulate them, this not only protects the stainless from expanding which can also cause the metal to warp, but it forces the direction of the fire up into the food. So stay tune to see the finished product.


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Yakitori along with Irish music?

Yakitori along with Irish music?

On Saturday April 19th starting at 8pm, Umami Kushi will be at Sake Nomi for a night of cultural building. The lineup will include live Irish music, yakitori specialties such as hearts cured in koji, wagyu beef with yuzu kosho, and of the show stopper Sake, with one of my new favorites “Fukugao” a well balanced sake that has been aged in whiskey barrels. So stop by and remember “it’s in the fire”!

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