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Curry Pan the delicious crab and go snack coming to a coffee shop near you.

We are now selling are curry pan along with a selection of other Okazu pans at coffee shops downtown Seattle check out to find a pan near you.


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New Look


We have updated our look in an effort to make our seasonal releases more identifiable. This new label will signify our signature green yuzu koshio that will be available year round in Seattle area stores. However we should have our online ordering system available soon, so we can ship anywhere in world.

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Beef Curry Pan from Umami Kushi!

Now available at 7 Seattle area coffee shops Umami Kushi curry pan. This savory doughnut made with Washington grass feed beef in true Japanese style has gained quite the following. Please stay tuned for more news on locations is we spread the Umami pan throughout seattle.

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Umami Curry Pan!

It’s been 2 years since partnering with Tin Umbrella and delivering my 1st order of beef curry bread, and i’m pleased to say we are still going strong to the tune of our umami curry bread is now available at 7 seattle area coffee shops and slowing gaining more fans. So, be on the look for these treats at a local coffee house near you. thanks for all the love and positive feedback.



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Nihonmachi Nites

Please come out and show your support for the Japanese community as we celebrate Nihonmachi nite in the historical international district of Seattle. First time Umami Kushi will be offering yakitori at a Seattle street festival this is something we are extremelly thrilled to have the opportunity to do. If you are able please stop by and say hello.
Domo arrigato

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Beef and Cowboy Yamahai is what’s for dinner

Beef and Sake

Today at 5pm Umami Kushi will be at Sake Nomi for the introduction of Yamahai Sake. This junmai ginjo from Japan is specifically designed to pair with the the grilled american grown grass feed beef. As part of this introduction there will be a special beef skewer, and rice cured pork loin. See ya there

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Yakitori at DeStefano Winery

Pleas join umami kushi at DeStefano winery in woodinville on Thursday October 20th from 7-9pm for a special yakitori tasting. Please go online or call the winery to make reservations. There will only be 30 reservation spots so make yours today. Below is a sample of the menu that will be offered.


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A menu can hold quite a bit of information it can also add intrigue and allow the guess to drive down a path that is filled with pleasure, I have recently had this menu designed for my yakitori events it is simple and clean back drop watermark designs are an easy way to keep your logo fresh in the dinner minds while not making your menu to busy with word and fillers. For menu design interest please email

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This is the season of the grill

This summer is the perfect time to add some flare to your picnic by learning and introducing your party guest to Yakitori. It’s a great way to grill and change the normal place of plan meat on the grill. Please visit to see more skewered foods.

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