Tis The Season, also a good reason for Umami Kushi

28 Nov
Tis The Season, also a good reason for Umami Kushi

The Christmas season is here and though it holds different meanings and feeling to us all, our common ground comes in the form of food and the spirits that surround it. I’m always reminded of what place yakitori has in my life and the survival of those who mastered it. For me it is the food of the people for those who were in the toughest of times having little on their voyage eat, but only the resources that nature could provide and the knowledge of how to survive from them. Hunting with the weapons carved from trees and utilizing those same weapons to create a fire served as both a source of cooking as well as providing a shelter of warmth, but it is the reservation of the cooked wood that ash gave way to coals which were discovered could extend the life of the fire and generate and greater source of heat also build the foudation of flavor. These Practices still continue today though they have been refined to some extent Yakitori has re-devoloped itself into a global food which still speaks to the people, their hearts, their health, and their souls. On Dec 7th from 7-9pm make your RSVP for “Yakitori the food of the people” at Sake Nomi 76 washington st in the square for the anual holiday party with Umami Kushi.

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